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Coursework is a crucial part in your education and can be hugely daunting to students. The academic work is demanding enough, and Essay Help’s Coursework Editing Service therefore aims to help students polish the completed content they have been gruelling over for days, weeks, or in some cases, months.  Some individuals simply have spelling or grammatical errors they struggle with time and time again, and need someone to set them on the right track for good, whilst others whose first language is not English are continuously penalised in their marks for inaccurate writing.

Our aim is to support these students to finalise their coursework, presenting their ideas professionally with a thorough proof-read and basic edit so that no meaning is lost or changed.  Our writers are experts in what they do, with top degrees from Russell Group universities and years of experience writing their own essays and academic journals and articles. Critical analysis is a huge part of their academic and career history, and you can therefore put confidence in them to see the grammatical and spelling errors you can’t yourself.

This service does not just offer help with specific pieces of work, but provides you with support for the future on how to write a good piece of coursework. This is in the form of notes on the work you send us, detailing the amendments we have made. We hope that with this, you will be armed to proof-read your own work with confidence and become a better writer and critic for the future.