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Our Dissertation Editing Service helps to ease the burden of such a huge academic task. The dissertation itself takes students between around five months (if you’re lucky) and a year, and is often described as the pinnacle of a student’s academic career unless they choose to continue in formal education. With the direction of your dissertation sorted out and then all your data, analysis and arguments structured and down on the page, we know that the thought of proof-reading for the smallest grammatical and spelling errors can be the most tedious of chores. What makes it more difficult is that you have probably read and re-read it whilst writing, and your frazzled brain is no longer able to concentrate and function as it once did before the days of the dissertation . . .

Our editing services are therefore probably the most useful for dissertation checking. Our team of writers are all top graduates with at least a 2:1 degree from Russell Group universities – some have Masters degrees and PhD’s – and they are therefore the most reliable and qualified people to put your faith in when it comes to such an important document. With long academic and work histories based around writing and editing services, each writer is exceptionally competent in thoroughly proof-reading for any errors in your dissertation – they know what the common errors are and have a scrutinising eye for detail – so you can be assured that your work is being done justice. In addition, we will assign your dissertation to a writer with the most experience in your subject area, meaning that they can both pick up on any terminology errors efficiently and will have the best understanding of the context in which you are writing.

As well as checking your dissertation and relieving you of that ‘what if’ panic, your personal writer will also provide you with a review, highlighting the main errors found and the amendments made in the document.  This way, you will know what has been changed and why, giving you complete reassurance. With this review, you also have invaluable information that can be applied to work documents in the future and help you to produce high-quality written work in your career.