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We are committed to providing a fast, effective and professional proof-reading and editing service to students struggling to amend their work. As an alternative, we can also proof-read and critique your own essay so that you can implement the changes yourself.  The professional writers we employ are sourced from the UK’s top universities and will provide you with the highest quality of critiquing and editing. With years of experience they know what they are looking for across a range of platforms, and as a result, are the most efficient source of support that you can rely on.

  1. Essay Editing Help - With such an immense amount of work involved in the research, planning and writing of an essay, many students turn to us for our proof-reading services. We have many qualified degree-level, Masters and PhD professionals at hand to assist you in editing your prose.
  2. Assignment Editing Help - Essay Help can assist you with those pieces of work which require you to compile something other than a prose essay.  Be it a report, a business plan or a powerpoint presentation, our dedicated team is competent working with different programs and can edit various assignments in any subject.
  3. Coursework Editing Help
    For many students coursework is crucial in deciding the final grade they achieve in their subject.  We can help to proof-read and/or edit your coursework using one of our experienced writers who is an expert in your field.
  4. Dissertation Editing Help
    Because dissertations carry such a weight in deciding the final classification of a degree, many students use Essay Help to assist them with this vastly important piece of academic writing. With such a large volume of text and prose to edit, proof-reading for minor errors is likely to be the last thing you want to do. We can help to reduce this burden and get one of our qualified professional editors to help you polish the dissertation with no stress on your part.

Our writers

We have a large group of editors available specialising in the widest selection of academic fields, so you won’t have to worry about an editor not being available to help you with your work –  you can even request the same writer for your next piece of work if you were particularly happy with their changes. Our editors strive to help students achieve the marks that reflect their academic ability in their chosen subjects, and have the skills necessary to get rid of any poor writing habits that stand in the way.


 Because we use your material, and only your material, there is no fear that any of the changes we make will be regarded as plagiarism – our editors simply edit what you give us to the highest quality.



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Our writers are all top graduates with at least a 2:1 degree – some have Masters degrees and PhD’s –  and we are therefore qualified to improve the quality of written work.  We also only employ the most experienced and professional writers to help you to edit your work, meaning that our service is efficient and thorough. Connected to this is our promise that our writers are always given enough time to edit work properly.  However, understanding that student deadlines are sometimes the reason we are needed, they will always work to the date agreed by you at the beginning.